UK Health Centre
World-Class Hospitals

Welcome to Our World-Class Hospital

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our hospitals boast a range of advanced facilities designed to provide the highest standard of care:

- Intensive Care Unit (ICU): Fully integrated with high-end ventilators and patient monitoring systems, managed by critical care consultants and certified nurses.

- Radiology Department: Equipped with cutting-edge technology, offering services including:

  - X-ray

  - Ultrasound

  - Echocardiography

  - CT scan

- 24-Hour Blood Bank: Ready to provide necessary blood transfusions around the clock.

- Fully Equipped Laboratory: Capable of conducting a wide range of diagnostic tests.

- Emergency Department: Prepared to handle urgent medical situations efficiently.

Comfortable Room Amenities

Our hospital ensures comfort and convenience for all patients with private, well-appointed rooms:

- Private Rooms: Each room features an en-suite bathroom.

- Patient Comfort: Includes a patient bed with fresh linens and blankets.

- Companion Facilities: A small sofa bed is available for companions.

- Dining: Patient dining trolley for in-room meals.

- Storage: Wardrobe for personal belongings.

- Communication: In-room telephone.

- Royal Suite: Includes a two-seater sofa with a square table.

- Entertainment: LCD TV with Dish network.

- Climate Control: Air conditioning in every room.

- Nurse Call Bell: For immediate assistance.

- Connectivity: Complimentary WiFi access.

- Bathroom Essentials: Includes soap, shampoo, slippers, and towels.

- Safety: A secure safety box available at the reception; security staff can assist with storing valuables.

- Conveniences: Kettles and bottled water are provided in all rooms.

Experience the pinnacle of healthcare with our world-class facilities and exceptional patient care.