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What to Pack

Comprehensive Packing List for Your Trip

Ensure a smooth and comfortable journey by preparing the following essentials:

 Travel Documents and Money

1. Passports and Tickets: Keep both digital and printed copies of your tickets; having a physical copy for the return flight is advisable.

2. Travel Insurance: Consider Medical Travel Shield if you're traveling from the UK.

3. Credit Card: Verify your PIN and inform your bank about your travel plans to avoid any issues abroad.

4. Visa: Obtain your visa (£25) at the bank in the Egyptian airport before customs. They accept dollars, English pounds, and euros (no Scottish notes). The same bank can exchange your money for Egyptian pounds.

Health and Comfort

5. Recent Medical Test Results: Bring any recent test results that might be relevant to your healthcare needs.

6. Compression Stockings: Wear these during flights to prevent blood clots.

7. Adaptor Plug: A universal adapter will ensure your devices stay charged.

8. Tag and Lock for Suitcase: Secure your luggage with a tag and lock.

Clothing and Comfort Items

9. Loose Pajamas: Comfortable sleepwear is essential.

10. Underwear and Bras: Pack an adequate supply.

11. Comfortable Slippers and Shoes: Ensure footwear for both comfort and style.

12. Comfortable Clothing: Choose clothes that are easy to wear and comfortable.

13. Dressing Gown/Housecoat: Ideal for lounging.

14. Warm Socks: Necessary if you tend to get cold.

15. Hair Accessories: Bring hair clips and scrunchies.

16. Hot Water Bottle: Great for added comfort.

17. Sun Cream: Especially important during the summer months.

18. Eye Mask and Ear Plugs: For better sleep.

19. Own Pillow: If you have difficulty with unfamiliar pillows.

Food and Drink

20. Decaf Tea and Coffee: If you prefer these beverages.

21. Sweeteners: Bring your preferred sweetener.

22. Little Robinsons or B&M Equivalent: Convenient for diluting juices.

23. Fruit Tea Bags: For a refreshing drink.

24. Thermal Cup: Keeps your tea or coffee warm.

25. Peppermint Tea: Useful for soothing digestion.

Personal Care

26. Dry Mouth Spray and Lip Balm: To stay hydrated and comfortable.

27. Toiletries: All your essential personal care items.

28. Sanitary Products: Don’t forget these necessities.

29. Hand Sanitizer: For hygiene on the go.

30. Lavender: For relaxation.

31. Disposable Body Wipes and Cleaning Wipes: For quick freshening up.

32. Waterproof Dressings/Plasters: Be prepared for minor injuries.

Gadgets and Accessories

33. iPad or Tablet: Load it with movies for entertainment.

34. Google Translate App: Download for easy communication.

35. SIM Card Tools: Bring a pin to open your phone for a local SIM card and ensure your devices are unlocked.

36. Chargers: Essential for all your electronics.

37. Phone: Don’t forget your phone.

38. Notepad and Pen: Handy for jotting down notes.

Leisure and Miscellaneous

39. Magazines and Books: For leisure reading.

40. Water Bottle: Stay hydrated throughout your trip.

41. Headache Medication: Bring Paracetamol or your preferred remedy.

By following this comprehensive list, you’ll be well-prepared for a stress-free and enjoyable trip.